During this incredibly challenging time, people are looking to retailers for preparedness, inspiration, and motivation.  It’s more important than ever to not only help customers find a way to keep up a routine of exercise and good health, but also how to go about doing it safely.  Having the right gear in place is the best first step for many.  This email campaign can be a driver to motivate and excite your audience to get or keep moving!

This campaign is an email sent to your entire customer base with a direct call-to-action… Buy Now, Save later.  The discount incentive is offered to motivate additional sales in your brick and mortar store(s), where customers will have an opportunity to interact with your amazing staff.

Below is an email campaign sent out by Pacers Running.

Resources needed to activate your campaign.

  • Email Service Platform (ESP)

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • eCommerce Capability

How to effectively and successfully activate campaign.

  • Update your ESP with the latest email addresses from your POS.

  • Create campaign with a “Buy Now, Save Later” concept.  The “Buy Now” offer recommendation should be a pair of shoes or the equivalent value.  The “Save Later” offer will be a coupon to be used for a IN-STORE purchase any time in 2020.

  • Make sure email TITLE catches the attention of your readers… your email is up against a tremendous amount of other email traffic in your reader’s Inbox.

  • Make sure to offer up a CALL-TO-ACTION to “Shop Online” and offer a “Contact Us” link to give your customers an opportunity to connect with your store via phone, text, email, or Chat Bot.

  • Pull in a HERO IMAGE that captures your brand identity.

  • Pull in your TOP SELLING SHOES and add them as a footer to the email, for easy navigation and click-to-buy options.