Paid Search

Own your zipcode online

When you open your browser, does it open to Google? Most do, which makes paid search a must. Most people start with a search when they are considering a product or service. People even tell you their intent to purchases by using terms like buy, order, purchase, get or near me. Look at the terms below, they indicate a person’s intent.

– Running store near me
– Upcoming 5K
– How much does Orangetheory cost?
– Best marathons in the US 2019

It Works

For run specialty, we’ve seen the term “running store” generate 8% of a retailers web traffic, which results in sales.

It’s affordable

The term “running store” in a major market only cost about $0.22 per click. You can spend 100s, not 1000s. It pays for itself. The key is to win locally by owning your zip code and very specific terms where few people are bidding.

Own your zip code online

In paid search, you’re not alone. You’ll be competing with Amazon, Zapos, Orangetheory, Planet Fitness, and many industry leaders. We help you win.

We specialize in paid search for run specialty, race events, and fitness centers. We have an evolving repository of search campaigns and keywords that work. We have over 188 terms just for running store. Our team uses the latest tools and has the expertise for you to win your zip code.


Build awarness with display advertising

If you want to grow, display advertising is the obvious choice for building awareness. Micro-target people based on location, interest and behaviors with display ads that work.

  • Building awareness by targeting people who live within a 5-mile radius of your event, store or fitness center.
  • Reach people with an interest in fitness or running.
  • Reconnect with customers that ignore your emails or unsubscribed.
  • Engage people who visit running trails, gyms, events or retail locations.


Do you ever feel like you’re being followed online? You visit a website and as you browse the internet, you see ads from that website you visit. You’re not alone, that’s retargeting and it works.

Most people do some research and browse around before making a decision. Retargeting helps bring them back to you.

Retargeting is afforble and the setup is easier than you might imagine.

Second-Party Data

Share opportunities

Do you know a business that has customers similiar to yours but you don’t compete? You most likely share customers. It would make sense to have a marketing partnership.

Imagine if you could market to their customers online without them having to expose their customer list.  You could allow them to market to your customers in exchange with out comprising your customer’s identity. No customer data is exposed. Everyone wins.

With today’s ad technology, the ability exist to exchange anonymously custmer data on your terms is available. It is effective for companies large and small. It’s safe.

  • People’s identities are protected

  • Data is protected

  • Privacy compliant

  • You approve ads going to your customers

  • Toggle sharing on and off

Sharing works both ways. Here’s some examples.

Outdoor Advertisting

People go outside, so should you.

People don’t just live inside on their phones, they go out for food and sometimes a run or workout.

Outdoor advertising is an effective way to built awarness for your store, fitness center or event.

There are options for under $1,000 and they typically run for 4 weeks.

You’re able to target people who live or work in the area.

We have the relationships and expertise to help you win with outdoor.

Before & After


Landing Page Optimization

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on marketing if you don’t have a landing that converts. Google want even show your ads if your landing page is not relvant or has a high bounce rate (people leaving quickly).

We can help build or improve your landing pages to convert more and gain a better quality score.

Getting start is easy

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