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Ad Fraud? Try DeadBolt.


The ad fraud protection platform protecting the world’s best marketers.
In 2 minutes of less

Why you need ad fraud protection for digital marketing.

Your digital marketing spend is at risk
Your marketing metrics may be tainted
Using conversion analysis is not enough

Top 5 Biggest Ad Fraud Attacks

Details the top 5 biggest ad fraud attacks and why it’s important to protect your digital marketing.

How DeadBolt Works

DeadBolt stops ad fraud at the source. A proxy monitors your ad traffic 24/7, detecting and mitigating ad fraud near real-time.

Bot Protection

A series of challenges and session forensics to detect and mitigate bots.

360° Forensics

Combines referrer site scoring, session and conversion data to identify malicious activity.

Auto AdLock

Automatically sends notifications and stops ad fraud at the source based on rules you control.


Our technology, your workflow.
You control what action is taken and when. Configure IF/THEN rules to automatically take actions for you. You control triggers, thresholds, timing and the action taken.


  • Send notification
  • Add to whitelist
  • Add to blacklist
  • Pause campaign
  • Exclude IP address
  • Exclude placement
  • Exclude demographics
  • Exclude locations

How we compare to bot detection

DeadBolt stops ad fraud at the source, before you pay for more clicks. Bot management only stops ad fraud after you paid for the click. It does not stop the onslaught of costly fraudulent clicks that keep coming.

DeadBolt leverages bot detection, yours or ours, but has logic to stop you from paying for fraudulent clicks.

It’s simple, stop bad traffic you paid for with bot management or stop paying for bad traffic with DeadBolt.

Already have a bot management solution? No problem, use DeadBolt as an add-on.

Levels of Service

Starts at $99/month

Initial Audit and Deployment

Our application experts complete the initial audit and put a system in place to detect malicious activity. We migrate the business to a proactive near real-time environment of evaluating campaigns and making more immediate decisions.


We provide instructional oversight over the course of any given month.


We work side by side with the client’s campaign teams to assist in advising and recommending campaign actions based upon reporting results, client’s goals and associated business rules of engagement.