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Need to engage customers? Try Engage.


Customer segmentation, insights and marketing automation platform.

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Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Powerful insight you can act on.
360° Customer View

Build a master customer record with all customer information, transactions and interactions in one place to drive your customer’s journey.

Automate engagement

Deploy automated engagement to drive on boarding, conversions and retention. Triggers, rules, models and insight deliver the right message at the right time.

Retain more customers

Identify customers likely to churn so you can take the right action.

Starting Point: Journey Mapping

Provides an overview of journey mapping and outlines simple steps to help you get started.

How Engage Works

We help companies grow by bringing people and data together
Unified Customer View

Build a master customer record that combines interactions, transactions and usage to create a 360° Customer View.


Leveraging the 360° Customer View, we discover opportunities to increase lifetime value and retention.


Define and populate segments based on key findings from the Discovery phase. Continuously refresh segments using based on attributes, behaviors and transactions.

Marketing Automation

Auto populate email list and audience list (Google and Facebook) to drive timely and personalized engagement.

Engage unifies all your customer data so you can gain insight and act at the right time with the right message.

For businesses that want to grow using customer segmentation and marketing automation.