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Need data driven marketing? Try Marketing Insights.


Marketing analytics, attribution and data management platform.

Do more with confidence

We simplify collecting, aggregating, securing and sharing marketing data. No more manual work.
Marketing Confidence

Attribution gives you proof of what marketing is working and not working.

Agile Marketing

Timely performance insights to adjust quickly.

Digital + Traditional

One view all your marketing channels in one place.

Agile Marketing

Applying agile to marketing to iterative, allowing for short marketing experiments, frequent feedback, and the ability to react to changing market conditions.

How Insights Works

Marketing Planning

Our nSheets product provides you an online spreadsheet for marketing and campaign planning.

Campaign Management & Forecasting

Track all campaigns and tracking tags. Forecast results using curves and project to final models.

Data Consolidation and Attribution

Uses APIs and data uploads to unify all your marketing and response data. Attribution links everything together.

Analyze Results

Gain insights into marketing performance across channels. Evaluate results at all levels.

Everything you need for performance driven marketing, both digital and traditional.


Ad-hoc Reporting

With a few clicks, generate the reports you need.


Gain instant insight across all marketing activities.

Report Subscriptions

Have reports and dashboards delivered to your inbox.

Spreadsheet Comfort

Conduct marketing planning and campaign management in the comfort of a spreadsheet.

800# and URL Management

Eliminate overlapping tracking tags.


Dropdown and cascading lists ensure data quality.


Bring in data from other sheets or third-party data sources.


Export to and import from Microsoft Excel. Exports allow users to edit Excel and re-import.


Control who can see and edit specific columns and rows.

Audit trails

Track every insert, edit and delete.


Forecast responses and results at a micro level using curves other forecasting models.

Row-level Locking

Multiple people can work in a sheet at once without the fear of overwritten other peoples work.

Data Aggregation

Unify all your marketing data using APIs and uploads.

Validation Rules

Validation rules ensure campaign data quality.


Apply single and multi-touch attribution models.


Attach multiple files to any row.


Add and track comments at the row level.


Notifications alert you when someone makes a comment.

For marketers who want to do more with confidence.