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Need data across your organization? Try nSheets.


Collect spreadsheet data across organizations.

10 times better than a spreadsheet and email for data collection

We simplify collecting, aggregating, securing and sharing data. No more manual work.
Just better

Better than spreadsheets and email. Saves time and provides better data quality. Get’s it right the first time.

Stop chasing people

Data is validated on entry and submission. We ensure you have the data quality you need, when you need it.

Works at scale

Collect, aggregate and share data from 1,000's of people with out bumping into lockouts.

Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely simple. nSheets helps you collect spreadsheet data across your organization.

Field Operations

5 mistakes leaders make when managing a data collection project

Details the top 5 mistakes that add undesired time and frustrations to a data collection project.

How nSheets Works

Create a Spreadsheet

Tailor your nSheet to your needs or use an existing spreadsheet. Enable permissions to control what people can see and do at a row and column level.

Invite People

Share the spreadsheet with the people who have the data your need.

Collect Spreadsheet Data

People can input or import spreadsheet data.

Analyze Results

Export to Excel or use our ad-hoc reporting and dashboards for data analysis.

The familiarity of a spreadsheet. The power of a database. A permission model that mimics your organization. Secure.


Spreadsheet Comfort

Deploy faster with the familiarity of a spreadsheet.

Editable Data

Unlike survey forms, you can allow users to update and maintain their data after submission.


Dropdown and cascading lists ensure data quality.


Bring in data from other sheets or third-party data sources.


Export to and import from Microsoft Excel. Exports allow users to edit in Excel and re-import.


Control who can see and edit specific columns and rows.

Audit trails

Track every insert, edit and delete.

Currency Conversion

Currency conversion gives users the flexibility to work in their local or corporate currency.

Row-level Locking

Multiple people can work in a sheet at once without the fear of overwritten other peoples work.

Advanced Logic

Perform custom logic on record save, like updating other sheets.

Validation Rules

Validation rules ensure data quality.

Marketing Tools

Leverage tag management (800# & URL), curves, project-to-final and attribution modules.


Attach multiple files to any row.


Add and track comments at the row level.


Notifications alert you when someone makes a comment.

Flexible enough to meet any business need

Budgeting and Forecasting

Collect budgets and forecast and digest data from your ERP to provide a budget vs forecast vs actual view.

Capital Projects

Track the financial components of all capital projects in one-place. Compare budgets to invoices to streamline reconciliation.

Marketing Plans

Capture and share all marketing activities across all channels. Integrates with our tag management (800#s & URLS), campaign forecasting and attribution modules to provide a complete marketing platform.

Dosage Forecasting

Collect dosage price and usage statistics across the world by product.

Marketing Budgets/Forecasts

Collect marketing forecasts globally by business unit, country and product.

Clinical trials Tracker

Track clinical trials change points over time to support better forecasting.

Field Operations

Collect, standardize and roll-up field data in one place without the hassle.

For organizations wanting to collect spreadsheet data better and faster.