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Spreadsheet Master

Spreadsheets engineered for data collection

Specialization, security and quality matter when gathering data from people.

Better than spreadsheets and email

We automated collecting, aggregating, securing and sharing data. No more manual effort.

Enterprise Class Column and Row Level Permissions

Control what people can see and do at a row and column level.

Notes & Attachments

Attach notes and files at the row level.

Personalized Columns

Each user can define a column order and visibility that is unique to them.

Stop Chasing People

Data is validated on entry and submission. We ensure you have the data quality you need, when you need it.


Collect, aggregate and share data from 1,000s of people with out bumping into lockouts.

Work in Excel

Full Excel integration. Work in the field, then upload your changes.

Currency Conversion

Users can work in their local or corporate currency.

Advanced List

Supports complex lookup list - including cascading and list driven from other sheets.

Track History

Every addition and change is tracked. Know who did what.


Share your spreadsheet with a few clicks. Email everything or selected rows.

Reporting Input

Data in the spreadsheet can drive reports and dashboards.

Reporting & Dashboards

Point-and-click dashboards and analytics built for business users.

Visualize your Data. Tell your story

Visualize your data with a impressive collection of charts, tables, maps, calendars and metric widgets.

Ad-hoc Reporting for Business Users

No more waiting in lines. Point-and-click reporting anyone can use.

Enterprise Grade Data Permissions

Create one report and share it across groups. Groups will only see their data, not everything. Data permissions are controlled at the row level.

Share your report

Share your report via attachment or link. Email it once or setup a subscription.

Reporting and Dashboards
Collect Data

Data Consolidation

Unify data from multiple sources.

Data Acquisition

Secure system data from APIs or CSV files automatically or manually loaded via SFTP.

Data Integrity

All data loads are monitored and validated. If something goes wrong, you know and we fix it.

Data Processing

Join data from multiple sources. Apply rules and attribution models.

System + Spreadsheets

Unify system data with spreadsheet data captured from your team.

Stage Data

Data is optimize and staged for reporting and delivery to your systems.

Forecast Curves, Attribution and Projections

Utilize your data to predict.

Forecast Curves

Forecast marketing responses utilize marketing curves.

Project to Final

Unify responses with curves to measure your actual performance against plan.


Apply attribution models developed by your team or third-parties to your data and reporting.

Forecast Curve
800# Management

Tag Management

800# and URL management for performance driven marketing.

Reuse Rules

Reuse rules ensure there is not overlap. Incorporate curves and actual data to as a safety net.

Tag Ops

Track the active assignment and routing of #800s and urls.


Reserve an 800# or URL for future use. Optimizes inventory.


We protect your data.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Utilize SSO to control access.


All data in transport or at rest is encrypted.

Continuous Threat Monitoring

We deploy continuous threat monitoring and routine security audits.

Forecast Curve
Self Host


Deploy business performance management in your own environment.

We provide both managed and self-hosted solutions to solve your business performance needs.