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Grow your specialty retail business

Unifying your ecosystem to deliver increased sales and loyalty.

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The UQ Performance Stack

Unifying your data, automating your processes and delivering insight you can act on now.

Automated Spreadsheets & Forms Collection

Avoid the headaches of collecting information and data from a group of people using email.

Ad Fraud Prevention

Stop bad people from stealing your advertising dollars and skewing your marketing performance metrics.

Marketing Planning & Analytics

Bring your plans, campaigns and response data together to plan, forecast, attribute and gain actionable insight.

Customer Segmentation and Marketing Automation

All customer information, events and transactions in one database to drive Segmentation, engagement and retention.

Business Intelligence

Bring people and data together.

Automated Spreadsheets & Forms Collection

For organizations wanting to collect spreadsheet and form data better and faster.

Collaborative data collection

Upper Quadrant’s automated spreadsheets and forms gives you more timely and accurate data. Gain the time back you spend chasing down people for data.

Better than spreadsheets and email

We automated collecting, aggregating, securing and sharing data. No more manual effort.

Stop Chasing People

Data is validated on entry and submission. We ensure you have the data quality you need, when you need it.


Collect, aggregate and share data from 1,000s of people with out bumping into lockouts.

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Ad Fraud Prevention

For businesses seeking to protect their marketing dollars and performance.

Detecting and preventing ad fraud


Unlike other solutions, FraudTe.ch combines network packets, session and behavioral data.

Easy to deploy

Our approach to passive network and session monitoring is easy to deploy.

Fraud Reports

Identify the sources of your ad fraud.

Stop Ad Fraud

Use report to tweaks your placements or leverage our real-time placement engine to pull ads or modify targeting with fraud is detected.

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Marketing Planning, Analytics, & Automation

For marketers who want to do more with confidence.

Increase sales and decrease cost of acquisition

Everything you need for performance driven marketing, both digital and traditional.

Plan and manage

All your TV, direct mail, alt media, digital and print campaign details in one place. Work in the comfort of a spreadsheet with advanced tag management and forecast features.


The tools and data you need to forecast and attribute marketing.


Gain faster insight into marketing performance with automated campaign and response data aggregation. Drive engagement with rule and predictive based triggers.

Agile Marketing

Projection models allow you to predict campaign performance and proactively adjust your marketing mix to achieve the desired results.

Deliver marketing campaigns with confidence.
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When you’re working with multiple agencies, across different lines of business, it’s hard just to get the full picture. Upper Quadrant was able to take all of our data and give us cross-channel reporting on a daily basis. They are a tremendous value for the service they provide.

Randy L. Marketing Analytics, Kaiser Permanete

Customer Segmentation & Marketing Automation

For businesses that want to grow.

Increase Customer Life Time Value

Upper Quadrant Customer solutions unify all your customer data so you can gain insight and act.

360° Customer View

Build a master customer record with all customer information, transactions and interactions in one place to drive your customer’s journey.

Drive Life Time Value

Leverage the 360° Customer View to drive automated engagement that personalizes the interaction.

Retain more customers

Identify customers likely to churn so you can take the right action.

Automate engagement

Deploy automated engagement to drive on-boarding, conversions and retention. Triggers, rules, models and insight deliver the right message at the right time.

Powerful insight you can act on.
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Business Intelligence

For businesses that want to identify and react to opportunities faster.

Performance insight to accelerate change

Upper Quadrant Business Intelligence gives you the tools and services you need to bring people and data together to act.

Your data

Automatically unify all your external and internal data together, even the stuff sitting in spreadsheets.

Your way

Leverage our platform, self-host or feed your data warehouse. Use our reporting tools or yours.

Your story

Exploring your data and telling your story is super easy. Anyone can create and share a dashboard in minutes.

It’s super fast, easy and secure. No more waiting in lines for reports or data request.
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With UQube, we have one place where all of the information is collected and housed in a consistent resource that local marketing representatives can go to in order to monitor results at a local level. Information is also rolled up to a national level supporting management’s interest in measuring the overall impact of local marketing on results. UQube provides us a powerful suite of reports that delivers value to field reps, day-to-day management, finance, and even senior leadership.

James D. Marketing