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Achieving Lower Google Costs with UQ’s Marketing Services 


810% Conversions Increase

Conversions on Google ads soared by an impressive 810% compared to Q4 of 2022, demonstrating the effectiveness of UQ's strategies.

87% Cost Reduction

Retailer Y experienced a remarkable 87% decrease in Cost per Conversion, indicating significant savings on advertising spend.

114% Increased Clicks

Clicks surged by 114%, highlighting the success of UQ's efforts in driving more traffic to Retailer Y's website.

client challenge

Retailer Y sought to optimize their Google Search advertising and reduce the cost of ads to drive more traffic to their website.

These case studies are from real clients we've worked with. However, to protect their privacy & confidentiality, identifying information has been changed or omitted.

uq solution

UQ provided a tailored solution to address Retailer Y's challenges:

  • Strategic Google Ads Optimization: UQ revamped the client's search campaign format to target more serious buyers, ensuring higher conversion rates. Continuous analysis and optimizations were conducted to maximize effectiveness.
  • Capitalizing on Client Strengths: Recognizing the client's inventory strengths, UQ focused on promoting XC/Track Spikes to capitalize on Retailer Y’s market advantage.
  • Customized Campaigns: Each campaign was meticulously customized to align with the client's goals, location, and target demographics. Extensive research on location, demographics, and keywords was conducted to optimize campaign performance.


This partnership between Retailer Y and UQ showcases the tangible impact of industry experts and strategic digital marketing in achieving business objectives and driving growth.

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