Run Specialty

How UQ Empowered Retail Expansion and Transition


Impressive Return on Ad Spend

Attained a remarkable $25* average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) for campaigns promoting store transition.

* Benchmark: $4
Store Revenue Boost

Experienced a substantial 7-15% revenue growth in 2023 across all rebranded stores.

client challenge

Retailer X faced the challenge of expanding their business by rebranding existing stores of another brand into Retailer X footwear outlets. This required shifting from a limited product range to a comprehensive catalog featuring various brands and products. Additionally, they aimed to grow their brand presence in a specific region while managing the complexities of expanding two distinct entities across different regions.

These case studies are from real clients we've worked with. However, to protect their privacy & confidentiality, identifying information has been changed or omitted.

uq solution

UQ played a pivotal role in Retailer X’s success by offering a comprehensive solution, blending internal efforts with UQ-crafted digital strategies:

  • Store Transformation Expertise: Through collaborative efforts, UQ facilitated seamless communication during the transition phase, enabling the expansion of brands and product offerings while ensuring a smooth customer experience.
  • Strategic Digital Advertising Tactics: Leveraging targeted digital advertising campaigns, UQ promoted the new stores and enhanced customer engagement using advanced techniques such as geo-targeting and point-of-sale (POS) integration.
  • Holistic Marketing Guidance: UQ provided comprehensive guidance on various marketing strategies, including email campaigns, geo-targeting initiatives, paid advertising, and Co-Op utilization, ensuring a cohesive and impactful marketing approach for Retailer X.


The partnership between Retailer X and UQ exemplifies the synergy between vision and strategy, creating a remarkable success story within the competitive run specialty industry.

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