Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment

A simple reminder is often all it takes...


The least common reason customers abandon a shopping cart is that they don’t like the product. More common are second thoughts on shipping costs, total cost, payment options or security concerns. If you simply ask them to come back via email, at least 15% typically will do so.

Practical Application

If someone leaves an item in their cart, it’s a good idea to remind them of what they've left behind. A simple reminder or a small incentive or closer offer (i.e. free shipping) is often all that's required to get the deal across the finish line.

Email Recipe(s)

Product(s) left in shopping cart
Segment Audience
Customers that have left product(s) in their shopping cart 2 days ago.
Key Message
FOMO …Fear Of Missing Out | Still Here for You | Incentive (i.e. free shipping)
Automation Level
Fully Automated