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Features for large-scale direct marketing operations

Marketing Campaign Grids

Manage campaigns for all channels across all agencies.

800# Management

Assign and track all your 800#s. Automatically assign to campaigns to ensure no overlap.

Response Curves

Build and leverage curves to drive forecasts.


Forecast calls, clicks, and conversions across direct marketing channels.


Insight into the projected results of the campaign in advance of the campaign reaching its end date.


Attribute sales to marketing.


Secure sensitive data with user-specific permissions in both the collection process and dissemination process.

Ad-hoc Marketing Reporting

With a few clicks, generate the reports you need. Prioritize KPIs, determine what’s important, and flow information into multiple reporting environments.

Marketing Dashboards

Gain instant insight across all marketing activities.

Report Subscriptions

Have reports and dashboards delivered to your inbox.

Data Aggregation

Unify all your data using APIs and uploads.

Marketing Workflow

Fill workflow gaps that exist between off-the-shelf spreadsheets and enterprise-wide solutions.

Marketing Data Linking

Interconnect, harmonize, and synchronize data from one system to another.

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