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The Running Industry Association Snapshots give retailers and brands key benchmarks and trends via their inbox or login to UQ Cadence so you can compare your metrics to the rest of your peers in the run specialty industry.

Monday - Benchmarks
Powerful metrics to help retailers know where to focus their efforts. Retailers can see how their weekly performance compares to the industry.
Tuesday - Products
At a glance category trends, top sellers, trending products, market share, brand loyalty, and inventory insights are available to help retailers optimize buying decisions.
Wednesday - Leaderboards
Leaderboards allow retailers to opt-in to a friendly competition around key metrics. You’re also able to connect with and learn from other top performing retailers.
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Benchmarks Premium offers enhanced functionality that allows retailers to instantly compare their metrics to the industry in one-place across time-periods.

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Governed by a Data Creed

UQ Cadence is governed by our Data Creed, which gives the owner of the data control of their data. The data owner opts-in and selects who to share with and what to share.

Source Agnostic

We are source agnostic. We have connectors for all the major POS and e-commerce platforms in run specialty. We can connect a retailer to Cadence with a few clicks.

Full transparency
Retailer opt-in – you own and control your data and can opt-out any time
Retailer controls what brands they share with and what they share
Customer identities are NEVER shared
Data is never sold or used for marketing purposes
100% compliance with consumer privacy and protection laws and regulations
Multi-Factor authentication
No shaming – we never expose metrics that would cause embarrassment

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