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UQ Cadence unlocks the value in your data to give you more time back in your day. Retailers use UQ Cadence for purposes like:

  • Vendor Managed Inventory: We connect retailers and brands to be proactive in a constantly-changing market.
  • Superior Reporting: Most POS reports are slow, limited, or complicated. Work faster and smarter with clear insights on employee performance and product sales.
  • Market Research: See today’s industry trends today, and capitalize on new opportunities while they’re still hot.

"This is by far, in my 32 year career, the best reporting system I've seen."

- On

"UQ Cadence is a huge timesaver for our managers and allows them to give employees much more relevant feedback, much more often."

- Philadelphia Runner

"Being able to log in and have it instantly available without having to run multiple reports is a game changer in our fast-paced retail environment."

- Marathon Sports

"It is so clean... You aren't digging for information and metrics. I can literally push a button, enter any timeframe I want, and get information that I need immediately."

- Running Center

Effortless Brand Collaboration

Tired of manually creating and sending sales and inventory reports to your brands every time you run a contest or campaign?

We can proactively send your data to connected brands automatically & daily on your behalf. No fees. No catch. Just join, share your data, and watch your load lighten.

You always control all the permissions for which brands receive your data. Use our Brands Summary products report and Overview dashboard to review your sales for any time period in UQ Cadence.


No-Hassle Setup

We can connect a retailer to UQ Cadence with just a few clicks. Our platform works with all the major POS and e-commerce platforms including RICS, Lightspeed, and Heartland. As a result, over 200 stores are part of the UQ Cadence retail network today.

Charlotte Running Co.
Gazelle Sports
Athletic Annex
Charm City Run
Pacers Running

Superior Reporting

Free Brand Data Sharing is just the start. Our affordable report subscription plans offer team floor performance, market research, and brand collaboration tools. All of our advanced reports update daily and are available 24/7.

team leaderboard

Train Your Team

Your team's floor performance in a click.

With objective measures of individual performance, the Team Leaderboard is a great way for store managers to motivate, reward, and coach your team. The Team Leaderboard goes well beyond your POS reports to include not only individual sales performance, but also hard-to-calculate metrics like sock & insole ratios and email capture rate.


Know Where You Stand

Benchmarks allows retailers to instantly compare their top KPIs, floor performance metrics, and customers in any time period to the industry average. Get a quick handle on how you’re doing in comparison to your peers so you can strategize with confidence.

RIA Member exclusive: Free & included with your RIA Membership!

brand check-in

Make Buying Decisions The Easy Way

Buyers: Ready to see the full picture of sales and inventory without spending days on product research? With 2 clicks, we give you sales, market share, and sell-through rates for any vendor’s products... finally, all in the same place!

From Open to Buy to vendor meeting prep, you can finally stop rifling through POS reports and simply get the answers you need for prudent buying decisions in one place.

inventory pulse

Industry-Wide Trends

Make buying decisions based on more than just your store’s sales. Are there hot brands gaining market share? Conversely, are there some products that are losing their luster?

Go beyond Benchmarks to see brand market share, product revenue, inventory metrics, and unit performance across Run Specialty combined (and anonymized) as a whole.

We have separate reports for Footwear, Socks, and Insoles. View any time period, by gender, customer brand loyalty, and more. The best part? We update our reports daily and they’re available 24/7 so you’ll never miss a new trend.


Governed by a Data Creed

UQ Cadence gives retailers full control over their data, selecting who they share with and what to share. No exceptions. Security & privacy measures ensure our users can be confident in UQ Cadence.

Other retailers cannot see anything about your store's sales

Full transparency

Customer identities are never shared with others

Retailer controlled opt-in

Ironclad security and data privacy

Customer data is never sold or used for marketing purposes

Elevate Your Retail Game

Our free data sharing is a huge benefit on its own, and we hope it adds so much value that you want even more.

Our advanced reports offer something for everyone, and are priced so that converting just 1 or 2 additional pairs of shoes sold makes you money on your investment. And trust us, they can add way more value than that!
*Benchmarks report is an RIA member exclusive

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