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UQ Cadence is the Run Specialty Industry Data Sharing Platform governed by a data creed.

Sell-through + Inventory + Returns + Co-op

Know where you are winning and losing, daily.

Track sell-through, inventory, returns, and market share at an account and product level.


Clean data at scale

Our team and platform does the dirty work of connecting and cleaning data from 100s of instances of POS system and e-commerce platforms, freeing up your resources for other priorities.

Give your team clean data from a majority of run specialty accounts via our web-based visual analytics platform or in your own analytics tools.


Equip your team

Your team will start their day discovering new opportunities and knowing what accounts need attention.

Reps can instantly generate a min-max forecasts for all of their accounts in minutes, empowering them to book At-Once/Fill-In orders with confidence.

Account Snapshots delivered to your inbox weekly

RIA Snapshots give executives and account managers key account metrics.

Color coding highlights inventory issues
Re-order Points
Instantly know what orders take priority
Track how sales are trending
Quickly identify product issues

Engineered for scale, clean-data, and security

We collect, aggregate, and clean data from run specialty and comfort retailers.

Run Specialty Industry Data Sharing Platform

We're not like other industry analysts

Daily, account and customer level insights you can trust.

Make better inventory and co-op allocation decisions with sell-through insights.


Reduce your liabilities and optimize pull opportunities with daily inventory visibility.


Quickly know if you have an issue.

Customer Loyalty

Track what percentage of your sales are new or repeat customers at the brand and product family level.

Co-op Performance

Optimize co-op allocation and activations using cost per purchase and ROAS metrics.

Governed by a Data Creed

UQ Cadence is governed by our Data Creed, which gives the retailers control of their data. Retailers opts-in and selects who to share with and what to share.

Source Agnostic

We are source agnostic. We have connectors for all the major POS and e-commerce platforms in run specialty. We can connect a retailer to Cadence with a few clicks.

Full transparency
Retailer opt-in – you own and control your data and can opt-out any time
Retailer controls what brands they share with and what they share
Customer identities are NEVER shared
Data is never sold or used for marketing purposes
100% compliance with consumer privacy and protection laws and regulations
Multi-Factor authentication
No shaming – we never expose metrics that would cause embarrassment

Grow better with the right plan.

Pricing based on number of SKUs.
Industry Intelligence

Track key metrics in one-place across time-periods.

Market Share
Brand Customer Loyalty
Aggregated Sell-though
Aggregated Inventory
Aggregated Returns
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