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Helping to consolidate field, planning, clinical and other important data in a permission-based spreadsheet platform that synchronizes to internal systems.

Pharma Account Planning

Simplifying workflow for those in the field.

Through a familiar spreadsheet interface, field reps, payer marketers, partners, brand marketers, pricing and reimbursement professionals, and those working in managed markets can enter information in a permission-based application that rolls up to headquarters. Data can be disseminated through UQ subscription reporting or other third-party reporting tools.


Making the numbers easier. Allows collaboration between global leads to forecast budgets by campaign and plan.  The collection process promotes uniformity with preset fields and parameters.  Uses are almost endless, from managing accrual reconciliations to multi-year vaccine forecasts to a wide variety of spending events.

Clinical Operations

UQube supports Clinical Operations in tracking studies as they progress through the contract phase, noting changes in budgets from period to period.

10 times better than a spreadsheet and email for data collection

We simplify collecting, aggregating, securing and sharing data. No more manual work.

Just better

Better than spreadsheets and email. Saves time and provides better data quality. Gets it right the first time.

Stop chasing people

Data is validated on entry and submission. We ensure you have the data quality you need, when you need it.

Works at scale

Collect, aggregate and share data from 1,000’s of people without bumping into lockouts.

Features for consolidating field data securely.

Field Data Collection

Standardize information collected from the field.


Secure sensitive data with user-specific permissions in both the collection process and dissemination process.

Ad-hoc Reporting

With a few clicks, generate the reports you need. Prioritize KPIs, determine what’s important, and flow information into multiple reporting environments.


Gain instant insight across all planning activities.

Report Subscriptions

Have reports and dashboards delivered to your inbox.

Data Aggregation

Unify all your data using APIs and uploads.


Fill workflow gaps that exist between off-the-shelf spreadsheets and enterprise-wide solutions.

Data Linking

Interconnect, harmonize, and synchronize data from one system to another.

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