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Tips for getting more TikTok followers for your running store

I was recently scrolling through TikTok and noticed one of our clients, Fleet Feet Nashville (@fleetfeetnashville), had started posting great content, but the number of followers and likes was small. I texted Erin Azar (@Mrs.Space.Cadet)
I remember you saying how supportive Fleet Feet Nashville has been. How can we help get more followers?
Erin is a running content creator with over 751.3K followers and featured in the NY Times and the Today Show. Erin is an excellent source if you want advice on building followers on TikTok.  

Here's Erin's response:
They need to stay consistent posting and focus on trends, balanced with some educational content. Show a POV experience of visiting their store/getting shoe fitting. The trends with groups of people would be perfect for pages like theirs because all the employees could be in the video, showing they're a fun, approachable group.

They should appeal to two different customers with their content: for experienced runners, they can show an exciting shoe drop that people have been waiting for. For beginner runners, they can show what to expect during a fitting, how different shoes support your feet based on how you run, etc. A lot of what they might think is common sense is completely foreign to people like me and my audience.
There is no one-size-fits-all or overnight solution to get more followers on TikTok. In working with Erin, what I've learned is not to overthink content, and consistency is more important than perfection.

By Scott Rakestraw, @Mrs.Space.Cadet Fan
Erin Azar and Scott Rakestraw at the Brooks Party. #tre21